Sunday, October 26, 2008

The First Day of School is a big deal for our family. The night before, we pick out new clothes, lay out the outfits and pack our bags. On the big day, Q wakes up at the crack of sparrowfart. He is so excited this year because he’s going to be going to BPMS all by himself now; his sister is off to middle school. He gets dressed and we tell him how cute he looks. Breakfast is scarfed down in record time, and then it’s time for pictures.

Out on the front steps we take our FDOS pictures and the kids are adorable. However, because it’s Vermont and August, the temperature in the morning is chilly, so I urge Q to put on his fleece for the walk to school. I watch him, so big and brave, walking off to school. He waves to me and I realize he’s really off on his own at school now. He had no one to check in on him at lunch or to help him get to after school care. I sigh and then hustle off to work 20 minutes away.

When I go to pick up Q at 4:40, he is sitting with the other kids in his fleece with a huge grin and a bright red face and incredibly sweaty. Its 75 degrees and I can’t imagine he’s comfortable.

Me: Hey let’s take off your fleece and we can walk home.
Q: No thanks.

He's happy and having fun with everyone, so I decide not to make a big deal out of it. I help him pack up his gear. We take off on the walk home, the dog pulling us forward.

Me: So, did you wear the fleece all day?
Q: Yup
Me: Weren’t you hot?
Q: Yup
Me: Why did you wear it?
Q: I didn’t want everyone to see me in the shirt that made me so handsome


For Myself said...

I LOVE THIS!!! I am so happy that you are taking the plunge! And your writing??? Beautiful!
Sparrowfart? Ha! It'!
Yay for being connected even though we're far apart!!
Yay for you!

For Myself said...

Please don't notice that it's 2:10 and my kids are in the room doing a wordsearch. Don't notice that, okay?

For Myself said...

Dude....More please? Just sayin...